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Timeshares: Retail or Resale?

For many people, timesharing makes sense. But too often, people become confused as to what they are buying. Let’s consider two options – Buying a timeshare retail and buying a timeshare resale.

When buying retail, you’re typically offered an incentive to visit a resort such as a free vacation stay, gift giveaway, theme park tickets or similar.

Free stuff is great, but what is the true cost?

Most likely, in order to receive your “free” gift, you’ll be asked to attend a 90-minute presentation that will almost certainly drag out for much longer. High pressure sales tactics will be used, you’ll be bombarded with glitz and glamour, facts and figures and before you know it, a bell is ringing and you’re being toasted with champagne and congratulated on the purchase of a timeshare you probably had no intention of buying before you were offered the free gift. It happens everyday.

So what happens when those thousands of buyers decide to sell their timeshare? They hit the resale market.

When you buy resale, YOU have the power, not the resort.

With so much knowledge floating around in cyberspace you’re the one in control. You can customize your timeshare buying experience exactly the way you want it. Do you prefer to ski in Colorado? Laze on the beaches in Mexico? Or gamble the night away in Las Vegas?

But here’s the MAJOR ADVANTAGE of buying a timeshare resale. The price!

Timeshares on the resale market typically offer a cost savings of 30% to 70% over the developer’s price. How many “free” gifts could you buy with that?

Once you’re an owner, take advantage of your ownership. Understand the perks and benefits you get with your resort. Find out about the different exchange companies such as Interval International and RCI

There may come a time when you feel that timesharing no longer fits your lifestyle. When it’s time to sell your timeshare the best way to go about it is to advertise. Exposure is the name of the game here. So the more people who know you have a timeshare for sale, the better the chances of selling it. You may be tempted to go it alone, post a few classified ads or try e-bay but this may not be enough. Many people choose an advertising agency that specializes in timeshare resale to gain maximum exposure.

No matter if you’re a family looking for the excitement of the theme parks in Orlando, or seeking a beach getaway in Hawaii, or even looking to bounce around the world and see the sights, timesharing has something for everyone. Better accommodations await you so why not jump right in?

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