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  • Chat for Cheaper While Abroad

    Aug 15, 2007 / 6:44am / in Communication, Travel Tips, International Travel

    Affordable outgoing and incoming calls while abroad are no longer just a traveler’s dream, with the National Geographic Talk Abroad Travel Phone. Having a mobile phone while traveling is not just a question of convenience; it is also a matter of safety. Expensive rates and little or no technical support, however, have been discouraging the general public from relying on international cellular services while staying abroad.

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  • Using an American Cell Phone in Europe

    Dec 4, 2006 / 5:21am / in Communication, Europe, General, Travel Tips, International Travel

    Not all American phones get service in Europe and not all mobile providers offer plans that stretch beyond the Atlantic. The ones that do work are a bit pricey but can be effective.Cellular Phone

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