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  • Autumn in Wine Country

    Nov 29, 2007 / 5:27am / in Accomodation, Culture, General, Hotels, Pacific, International Travel

    While there is never an unpleasant season for weather in Napa Valley, fall is a particularly lovely time to visit. It is only this time of year in which those prized plants that are worshiped for their grapes also draw attention for their vibrant gold, red, and orange leaves. In addition to vineyard tours, another great way to witness the splendor of the season is on a bicycle. Smooth, winding roads roll over hills, forests, vineyards and meadows all sporting their flashiest colors right now.

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  • Before it's too windy...

    Nov 1, 2007 / 5:33am / in Accomodation, Culture, General, Hotels, Travel Tips, Winter Travel, International Travel

    Now is a great time to visit all those colder locales before they become unbearably bitter. If you've been thinking about visiting Chicago, taking advantage of this mild autumn before it swiftly develops into a beast of a winter (as it always seems to do too quickly) might make an experience of this great city much more pleasant. There are deals at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile for several days in late November and early December. At $109 per night, this is a difficult-to-turn-down 45% discount from the usual rates for this time of year.

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  • Wild Adventure Made Doable

    Oct 25, 2007 / 10:50am / in Accomodation, Culture, General, Hotels, Travel Tips, International Travel

    For many the idea of traveling around Africa seeing multiple cultural centers, wildlife and natural attractions, and partaking in spontaneous adventures has never passed the imagination phase. For such a distant, inaccessible destination the idea of coordinating multiple excursions in one trip is daunting and may even seem utterly impossible. If only all of these things could be coordinated for us! Well they have been, and affordably so.

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  • Turkey during turkey month?

    Oct 25, 2007 / 9:32am / in Air Travel, Asia, Country News, Culture, Europe, Exchanging Money, General, Money, Travel Tips, Winter Travel, International Travel

    Turkey is a country that has a unique culture at an important point in its history, facing questions of religious and regional identity. Although it has always been an exotic, beautiful, somewhat off-the-beaten-path alluring destination, this time of sweeping change makes Turkey an even more exciting place to be right now. The timing works out well in this case, as the lovely autumn climate and many deals on flights are currently rolling in.

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  • Best Surfing Spots in Hawaii

    Aug 24, 2007 / 10:43am / in Culture, General, Hawaii, Travel Tips, International Travel

    When most people think of Hawaii, they probably think of surfing, and justifiably so. The state is arguably home to the best surfing on the planet, and when the pounding surf is paired with beautiful white-sand beaches and a lush, green landscape, it is almost impossible to resist. Of all the islands, Oahu, Maui and Kauai offer the best surfing conditions, and inter-island travel gets easier all the time.

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  • A Divided City Now Open to All

    Jul 13, 2007 / 10:17am / in Culture, Europe, Travel Tips, International Travel

    Berlin is one of my favorite cities. I have been there on two separate occasions, and I have fallen in love. It is such a fascinating city in so many ways, and it appeals to a sense of history, culture and curiosity.

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  • Fairchild Tropical Gardens

    Jun 27, 2007 / 12:42pm / in Culture, General, International Travel

     The tropical rainforests of the Amazon and Africa are among the most beautiful natural creations in the world.  Visiting these destinations, however, requires large sums of money.  Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami offers a unique tropical experience with a rare collection of exotic plants on 83 acres.  For a $20 dollar entrance fee, you can explore the world’s tropical plants in a single, convenient location.

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  • Exotic Massage in Israel: Snakes are the best pain-reliever!

    Jun 27, 2007 / 11:54am / in Culture, General, Travel Tips, International Travel

    If an exotic massage is what you are looking for, consider visiting Israel. The place renowned for its Dead Sea salts and celebrated therapeutic resorts has a new delicacy on = list, and if you take currency exchange rates into consideration, now might just be good time to go. The Israeli shekel has dropped in value in relation to the U.S. dollar in the past 2 months.

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  • Love on the Road

    Feb 21, 2007 / 12:09pm / in Culture, Travel Tips, International Travel


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  • Best Place to Lose Your Wallet

    Feb 12, 2007 / 5:33am / in Culture, General, Travel Tips, International Travel

    Accidents happen, but knowing our chances of seeing missing items returned has always been useful. Readers Digest magazine conducted a global experiment of sorts to investigate what would happen to our wallets if dropped in different areas of the globe.

    What did they do? Readers Digest editors “accidentally” dropped over 1100 wallets filled with approximately 50$ in local currency, along with contact numbers and family pictures in big cities and small towns around the U.S, in Asia, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America.

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