Best Surfing Spots in Hawaii

When most people think of Hawaii, they probably think of surfing, and justifiably so. The state is arguably home to the best surfing on the planet, and when the pounding surf is paired with beautiful white-sand beaches and a lush, green landscape, it is almost impossible to resist. Of all the islands, Oahu, Maui and Kauai offer the best surfing conditions, and inter-island travel gets easier all the time. The group is islands is one of the most isolated places on Earth, and that’s why we are going to use Oahu, Hawaii’s most accessible island, as our base.

Oahu gets three times as much airline traffic as any other Hawaiian island from the continental United States. Because of that, the island is easily Hawaii’s most cosmopolitan destination. And it is also the premier surfing spot in the entire world. Surfers are free to take advantage of over 100 miles of the greatest beachfront they will ever see. Of course, at the center of it all is Waikiki Beach, home to the famous North Shore. If you can make it here, at the Mecca of surfing, then you can make it anywhere.

But Oahu can be too cosmopolitan. If you are looking for a more peaceful surfing atmosphere, look no further than Maui. Hawaii’s second biggest island is easily the state’s most luxurious. Upscale resorts and private beaches allow you to surf without crowds or interference. The private environment allows you to focus on surfing without the distractions that can come with too many people. Maui also has an almost non-existent nightlife, meaning if you want to do more than surf and relax, Maui is not the place for you.

One place that might offer an even more solitary surfing environment than Maui is Kauai. Nicknamed the “Garden Island,” the place boasts everything from jagged mountains and waterfalls to lush, abundant flora and fauna. Not as popular as Oahu or Maui, Kauai offers the serenity that surfers seek. And there are all kinds of different beaches from which to take advantage of the surf. One example is the sun-drenched Poipu Beach, with the mountains in the background framing the seascape. There’s also Lumalai Beach, where you can ply your trade in utter seclusion. If you decide you need a break from the surf, there’s also great hiking along the Na Pali Coast.

The Hawaiian Islands are one of the true gems of this planet. For surfers, the islands are a particular paradise. We haven’t even touched on the rich, beautiful culture of the native people. There are a number of places you can go to take advantage of this unique place. But one thing is certain: whether you’re at cosmopolitan Oahu, luxurious Maui or serene Kauai, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time amid the best surfing around.

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