GoCurrency FAQs

Does GoCurrency.com provide currency conversion services?

GoCurrency.com does not provide physical delivery of currencies. Many banks provide conversion services. A more comprehensive list of tips for converting currencies can be found at: Traveler's Tips.

Where do your currency rates come from?

The GoCurrency.com rates are provided by Reuters.

When are your rates updated?

The rates are updated at the end of every day, at approximately 5:00 pm.

Can I add your converter to my site?

Sure! Adding the converter is easy to do-you simply need to insert two JavaScript tags into the head and body of your web page, respectively. You can find them here.

Why are the rates different than what I am seeing somewhere else?

Currencies are not traded on a central exchange, so prices can vary slightly. In addition, sources like banks and credit card companies will quote slightly different prices to account for the cost of converting your money. The GoCurrency rates are indicative, meaning they provide you with an approximation of what a currency is worth around the world at this time. Exact exchange rates may be slightly different.

Where can I find news and other information about currency rate movements?

Daily FX is one of the best sources of free currency research on the internet today. Here you can find profiles of each currency, as well as analysis and reports that avoid market jargon and so are easy to read by those with a new interest in currencies. You will also find charts, bank research, and an economic calendar of events.

Where can I learn more about trading currencies? Is there a course that you can recommend?

The FX Power Course is a wildly popular course for people who are new to the currency market. The course teaches the basics of trading and the market as well as chart reading and fundamental analysis. The most valuable element of the course however is the mentorship that it provides-students that take it are able to trade their demo account for one full month under the guidance of our instructors. For more instructions, please visit www.fxpowercourse.com.

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