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How to Put Your Business on the Road to Financial Recovery


Let’s face it: failure happens. The worst thing you can do is convince yourself that nothing wrong is happening and continue as you are. Simply acknowledging that your business needs to recover is a critical first step to doing so. As entrepreneur John Rampton wrote, “Failure is a big...

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Why Hefty Upfront Costs can Bring on the Most Sustainable Business Models


Entrepreneurs are often applauded for making the most out of the least. It’s viewed as an admirable feat to provide the highest return from nearly nothing. And yet, taking this approach can sometimes hurt a business more than it helps. Yes, the cliché is true. Sometimes, you have to...

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Why Small Businesses Should Worry Less about the Next Recession


The word “recession” can scare any small business owner. For most, just the possibility of having to cut employees or close their doors is chilling. As small business owners were some of the hardest hit in 2008, the idea of another economic downturn sounds especially terrifying. However, although most...

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