Why Startups Should Invest in Content Marketing Early


Traditional advertising is not sufficient anymore. Thanks to ad-block software and the fact that telemarketing is more of a nuisance nowadays, startup companies have to be resourceful when it comes to spreading the word. Luckily, there is something that consumers do not get tired of – content. Whether it’s social media-based, a blog post, or another avenue, content marketing is the strategic art of distributing valuable content to relevant audiences with the goal of converting them into customers. Any startup that wants to put itself on the map needs to invest in content marketing early in the game.

Why is content marketing necessary?

Neil Patel notes that content marketing costs 62 percent less than typical methods, generating approximately three times as many leads. Even if you are a startup owner with no experience, any form of content is better than none at all, and it does not cost much to write a relevant article or execute a social media campaign. Content is also the perfect channel for shaping your voice: what is your mission statement? What do you, as a company, offer that your competitors don’t? Don’t think just money-wise; the customer experience is everything. Are you an impersonal overseer, or are you engaged with your customers on their level?

You know the importance of establishing an online presence, but content marketing will affect all aspects of it. Audience Ops says that content can increase the number of people signing up for your email list, steer your search engine optimization, inspire your social media posts (many people get their news from outlets like Twitter and Facebook, so sharing links to articles is a good idea), and increase your chances of connecting with influencers.

Due to content marketing’s nature, it presents an opportunity, as well as a necessity, to be consistent. Marketing Insider Group reports that 33 percent of blog users acquired at least one customer when they posted less than monthly. However, 72 percent of blogs that posted once a week garnered a customer— and 89 percent converted at least one person when they posted multiple times each day. People like to see companies being active, so the more information or entertainment you share, the more likely you are to find someone interested in doing business with you.

Working with a marketing service

Content marketing is indeed cheaper than traditional avenues—but what if you are on a tight budget, or short on time? If you do not have the funds to pay a full-time writer or time to do it yourself, you may feel like you are at a loss. Content marketing is still worth the investment, though, so there are experienced outside parties you can turn to.

According to Eucalypt Media, content marketing can not only boost your sales; it can establish you as a thought leader in your field worthy of facing off with large-scale competitors:

“A content marketing agency can support you by collaborating with you on quick phone interviews to get a sense of the topics you want to cover, then developing thorough think pieces written from your point of view, which can be published on your own blog and in industry-leading websites and media publications. This will help you quickly improve your reputation, and pave the way for interviews, speaking invitations, and other opportunities that will grow both your personal and business brands.”

There are numerous marketing firms to choose from, so how do you know which is right for you? Look at what potential partners offer and testimonials from their past clients: remember, you are not just investing in advertising, you are building a community and telling a compelling narrative.

180fusion, for example, aims to help clients accumulate traffic in practical ways, optimizing your SEO, PPC, social media, and other strategies that will increase your reach both locally and internationally. Ulku Logistics will also assist you with navigating an increasingly complicated technological space, offering hands-on guidance for launching campaigns and achieving higher Google search rankings.

Executing your content strategy

When you are ready to begin marketing with content—and it’s never too early to do so—research what existing pieces are performing well. Depending on what field your business operates in, blogs, infographics, videos, tweets, articles, or other media may see different results. We advise that you take advantage of whatever automated processes you can when it comes to social media (reminder: consistency is essential).

Your goal is not to provide an overwhelming amount of information or insight. People search the Internet for solutions to their problems, so your content needs to be the answers they are looking for. If you hope to reach as many customers as possible from the moment you open your doors (digital or otherwise), the time to participate in the content marketing game is now.

If you have any questions regarding growth strategies for your small business, don’t hesitate to reach out to our specialists at Currency. We’re always available for a call at 877-358-4595, and would love to answer your questions and guide you toward the best option for your business.


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