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Why Influencer Marketing is Becoming Increasingly Popular for B2B & B2C Businesses


No matter what industry your business operates in, your company would find it beneficial to implement an influencer marketing strategy. According to the 2019 Content Survey that surveyed 200 senior-level B2B marketing representatives, 92% of respondents reported that the most importance is given to peer-reviews and user-generated feedback. Potential...

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How Has the Internet Changed the Business World?


What is the impact of the internet on business? The business world looked quite different without the advantage of immediate communication, online banking, and instant access to knowledge. Without the internet, entrepreneurs could only collaborate with business owners in their immediate areas. They could only pay in cash or...

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Traveler’s Checks – What You Need to Know


The traveler’s check dates back to a time when cash was the easiest way to pay and the most popular payment method. At the time, Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s), as well as credit and debit cards, were not easily accessible. Therefore, it was difficult for travelers to pay for...

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