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How to Accept Mobile Payments at Your Store


Leading businesses accept multiple forms of payment such as cash, credit and debit cards, ACH payments, wire transfers, etc. But there is a new payment method emerging in the market: mobile payments. We are not referring to ecommerce shopping done via a mobile phone—rather, we’ll be delving deep into...

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5 Secure Payment Processing Tips


The internet is rife with fraud, so business owners and consumers alike are understandably wary of who they transact with. Customers do not want to give their money to seemingly shady businesses that might take their money and run. Likewise, merchants do not want scammers ordering products or services...

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What is a Mobile POS System?


In the digital era that we live in, Mobile Point of Sale systems are becoming increasingly popular. From shopping at regular retailer stores to street merchants at town fairs, you have most likely paid for a good or service through a mobile POS system before. A Mobile Point of...

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